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Hakes Custom Tile is a local Commercial Tile Contractor in Fort Wayne, Indiana. If you are a General Contractor looking for that extra bid that might just win the contract, look no further. We can achieve excellent pricing on every nationally specified tile. We even do projects with franchise furnished materials. Call us today or send us a link to the print and one of our estimators will send you a bid as soon as possible. Projects done quickly!

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Tiling Fort Wayne Indiana

Retail Stores

Hakes Custom Tile knows that any time lost in a construction schedule can result in lost profit for the store owner. This is a big deal to us. We have the man power to bring in a job on time with no punch list. This is critical in the competitive retail construction market.


New restaurants are going up in Fort Wayne all of the time. A new trend we are seeing more is the use of epoxy grout. Let Hakes Custom Tile be your professionals when it comes to quarry tile and epoxy grout installations.

Boutique Stores

Specialty Stores which furnish their own tiles are always on our bid list. From Hobby Lobby to the Flip Flop Shop we have your tile installation covered.

Gas Stations

We can tile a 3600 sf Speedway in just four days grouted. We proved this in Pierceton Indiana. This project was done ahead of schedule and turned out spectacular! Just like every Speedway we have done in the past. Which is quite a few. With Hakes on site you can rest assured the good guys are here!

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Earth Fare

We just completed one of our largest commercial projects yet, Earth Fare on Dupont Road. We would like to thank Reece Campbell for awarding us the tile contract.

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